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Automotive DIY Myths!

Myth #1: Fixing your car at home is the same as going to a shop. There are several key differences between a repair at a shop and one performed in the driveway. Most notably is the quality of the... Read More »

Bring back your car's performance!

Most of us are keeping our vehicles for longer periods and higher mileages. As your vehicle ages the performance of the engine will slowly decline. Good preventive maintenance will not only maintain... Read More »

Keeping your new car new

We all love NEW, especially when it comes to our cars. However to replace a car every few years, just so we can always experience that new car feeling, is expensive. Now if you could always have... Read More »

Do you know the true condition of your car?

Your vehicle is the single most important asset for performing your daily activities. If it is broken down, your productivity takes a huge hit. You should always be aware of your vehicles overall... Read More »

How to keep that new car feeling

We all love NEW, especially when it comes to our cars. However to replace a car every few years, just so we can always experience that new car feeling, is expensive. Now if you could always have... Read More »

Tires 101

Everyone has purchased tires for their vehicles at one time or another. Do you know how to buy the correct tire for your vehicle? Most of us count on the person selling us the tires to install the... Read More »

Lowering car care costs in Mesa Az

Everyone one would like lower cost of ownership of their vehicles. However, most vehicle owners, do not perform the proper steps to achieve it. The most important aspect to achieve lower overall... Read More »

Automotive suspension repair in Mesa Az 85205

Your vehicle's suspension is one of the most important systems to your family's safety and is also the most overlooked. The reason is, most susension issues will not stop you from driving your car.... Read More »

Advanced Automotive Diagnostics in Mesa AZ 85205

Today’s vehicles are becoming more and more technical every year. So how do you know if an independent service shop is qualified to diagnose your car when it has a problem? The 2 things a... Read More »

Advanced Automotive Diagnostics Mesa AZ 85205

Automotive Diagnostic Service $99.95 Name Email Phone Number Read More »

Care Care in mesa az 85205

The average ownership of a vehicle is now 10-12 years. In order to lower your cost of ownership, we suggest you visit our automotive service shop every 6 months. Performing maintenance will avoid... Read More »

Nissan, Infiniti service in mesa az 85205

H&I Automotive located at 5338 E Main St in Mesa, AZ 85205 employs Tim Meyer. Tim is an Infiniti Master Technician. He is fully trained on both Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Why pay dealer... Read More »

Duramax diesel repair in Mesa AZ 85205

Are looking for a top notch Duramax diesel technician in the Mesa area? H&I Automotive is owned by Spencer Doucet. Spencer is a GM World Class Technician with extensive knowledge and... Read More »

Fuel system cleaning in mesa az 85205

Most of us know that their vehicle’s fuel systems greatly effect fuel mileage and engine performance. Keeping today’s fuel systems clean is also imperative to your vehicle’s longevity. Dirty... Read More »

Engine cleaning in mesa az 85205

Today’s vehicles sometimes give us a false sense of security when it comes to maintenance. Manufacturers and oil companies consistently advertise longer periods between services. The problem is... Read More »

Headlamp cleaning in mesa az 85205

Headlamps that are hazey and yellow are not only an eyesore but diminish your headlamps ability to light your way at night.  Most headlamps can be polished to increase visibility.  The service... Read More »

Brake replacement in Mesa AZ

Replacing the brakes on your car involves a lot more than just changing worm out pads. The calipers should have all pins and bushings removed to be cleaned and lubricated. If this is not done the... Read More »

Quality Auto Service in Mesa AZ 85205

During an automotive repair, one often over looked step, is torqueing nuts and bolts properly. Believe it or not almost every nut and bolt on your vehicle has a torque specification set by the... Read More »

Noisy brakes in mesa az 85205

Noisy brakes could be an indication of your braking system needing service. Always have your braking system inspected in order to obtain an accurate assessment. When replacing brake pads and... Read More »

Remanufactured engine and transmissions in mesa az 85205

Why spend more money to replace an engine or transmission with a remanufactured unit instead of a recycled one? Although the reman might cost more up front, it will be the better value in the long... Read More »

Tire Rotation in mesa az 85205

Rotating your tires sounds simple enough, but if done incorrectly can lead to other problems.  It is very important to have your lug nuts installed correctly.  This means  they need to be torqued... Read More »

Should I repair my car in mesa az 85205

When faced with a large car repair bill, many people contemplate buying a new car. However statistics show that repairing your current vehicle is always the most cost effective option. Even an... Read More »

Motor mounts in Mesa, AZ 85205

What is a motor mount? A motor mount is a metal housing with a hard rubber, or in some cases, a hydraulic filled center cavity. Motor mounts dampen the vibration caused by a running engine and... Read More »

Getting your oil changed in mesa,az 85205

Changing your vehicle’s oil is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running great. However choosing the right service facility to service your vehicle can sometimes be a... Read More »

Not your ordinary repair shop in Mesa, AZ 85205

H&I Automotive doesn’t want to be your car repair shop. We want to be the friend you take your car to in order to keep it safe and reliable! Let’s face it, no one likes going to the car... Read More »

Vehicle warning lights in mesa, az 85205

Today vehicles have multiple warning lights built in. However they are only helpful if you know what they mean and take corrective action when they appear. A light that comes on in your dashboard... Read More »

Mesa AZ What is a quality auto repair?

Everyone has called several shops getting quotes for a specific auto repair.  Then they take their car to the shop that gave them the lowest price.  After the repair is done somethiing goes... Read More »

Auto Repair Mesa,Az

Everyone one needs a good car service guy, Right? H&I Automotive is a shop, that once people find it, they just can’t help but share it with their friends. H&I is owned by Spencer... Read More »

Choosing a Car Repair Shop Mesa AZ

Tips On How To Choose a Car Repair Shop Choosing a car repair shop can be difficult. The problem with choosing a car repair shop is that there are so many options. Doing a simple Internet search for... Read More »