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Automotive suspension repair in Mesa Az 85205

Your vehicle's suspension is one of the most important systems to your family's safety and is also the most overlooked. The reason is, most susension issues will not stop you from driving your car. Usually a suspension prolem symptom is a strange noise or a feeling. What most drivers do not realize is a worn suspension can also cause an accident.

If your suspension is not performing correctly, your braking distance is increased and you will not be able to control the vehicle as well in traffic. Just driving on worn shocks and struts increases the chance of an accident.

Worn shocks causes:
◾Reduced braking efficiency resulting in longer stopping distances
◾Reduced efficiency of Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESP)
◾Increased risk of skidding in the wet
◾Aquaplaning occurs at lower speeds
◾Less control when cornering or caught in a cross wind
◾Increased driver tiredness and reduced speed or response
◾Increased wear of tires and other suspension components
◾Uneven/oscillating headlight level causing dazzle to on-coming drivers
◾Increased passenger discomfort
◾Increased risk of snaking when towing

Combined with additional suspension problems such as worn bushings, arms or steering linkages and the reaction time of your vehicle gets even worse.

It is recommended to have your suspension inspected at every service. Struts and shocks will show wear at 50,000 and they should be changed when your vehicle hits 100,000 miles. Because your suspension wears at such a slow rate the average driver will not notice the subtle changes in their cars handling. Once the repairs are made then there will be a dramatic difference in both control and ride comfort of the vehicle.

H&I Automotive will perform a complete suspension evaluation of your vehicle during every visit. We will only recommend repairs that are needed now but will also inform you if other components are showing signs of wear and may need to be addressed at a later date. All repairs will be made using OEM or superior quality parts and are backed by a 2 year 24,000 mile parts and labor warranty. H&I Automotive is located at 5338 E Main St Mesa AZ 85205. You can visit our website at www.handiautomotive.com or phone 480/985-9279

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