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Brake replacement in Mesa AZ

Replacing the brakes on your car involves a lot more than just changing worm out pads. The calipers should have all pins and bushings removed to be cleaned and lubricated. If this is not done the calipers could start binding and cause premature pad wear due to uneven pressure. Some shops will say the calipers need to be replaced at this point but in most cases only cleaning or pin replacement is necessary.

The brake rotors should be resurfaced every time the pads are replaced, even if there wasn’t a vibration present. The rotor is the mating surface of the brake pads. If the new pads are used with worn rotors it can cause unwanted brake noise and start to vibrate after the repair. Additionally all surfaces should be cleaned that mate to the hub and wheel to ensure proper tightness when installed back on the vehicle.
Lastly new installation hardware should be used when installing the new pads. Old hardware can become corroded and deformed and not hold the pads in place correctly.

On a final note, not all brake pads are the same. Every brake pad brand and quality will have unique operating characteristics. Always replace your brake pads with high quality OEM or equivalent pad set. Lower end pads will be noisy, have poor longevity, or may wear your rotors at an accelerated rate.

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