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The average ownership of a vehicle is now 10-12 years. In order to lower your cost of ownership, we suggest you visit our automotive service shop every 6 months. Performing maintenance will avoid costly repairs. Just like your routine visit to the dentist, proactive car care will ensure a long and happy life for your vehicle and more dollars in your pocket.

Very expensive engine repairs or even engine replacements can be avoided by changing your oil every 3000 miles. Oil changes will average $120 a year. Engine replacements can run up $7000.

Rotating tires and having your vehicle aligned will prolong tire life. Average cost is $100 per year. Replacement of tires is $400-$1200 depending on your vehicle.

Changing radiator hoses and engine coolant can avoid an overheated engine situation. Too many times we have cars towed to our shop for overheating due to a failed rubber hose, but the result is a blown head gasket or even engine replacement because of it. Replacing hoses is $200-$300. Head gasket replacement is a minimum of $2000 and can go much higher on some vehicles.

One of the most overlooked maintenance items is the engine’s timing belt. Just like the serpentine belt that runs accessories like your alternator and air conditioning, the timing belt is made of rubber and most manufacturers suggest to replace it between 60, 000 and 90,000 miles. When the belt breaks, the valves in the engine can become damaged and once again an expensive repair needs to be performed. Timing belt replacements average $500 on most vehicles. However on almost all vehicles we suggest to replace other components located in the timing belt area such as water pumps, tensioners, and oil seals. This will make the initial investment greater but save you from paying labor again if one of these parts fails at a later date. If a timing belt fails, the minimum repair bill is again about $2000.

Believe it or not proper maintenance can also help avoid an accident. Worn brakes and suspension increase stopping distance and greatly effects the handling characteristics of your vehicle. Many accidents can be avoided with proper car care.

We at H&I Automotive will help you plan for proper care and maintenance on your vehicle. Together we will set a schedule to perform these services in order to keep your vehicle safe and reliable and also keep them budget friendly. H&I Automotive is located at 5338 E Main Street in Mesa, 85205. Please call us at 480/985-9279 or visit our website www.handiautomotive.com

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