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Do you know the true condition of your car?

Your vehicle is the single most important asset for performing your daily activities. If it is broken down, your productivity takes a huge hit. You should always be aware of your vehicles overall health. Just like having your doctor performs a physical on your body, your car should have one also. This should happen every time your car goes in for service. If your shop does not provide you with this information, we suggest you find a different shop.

The vehicle report should include items such as fluid conditions, brake measurements, tire condition, and an overall visual inspection. Once the inspection is completed you should be notified of the results and have the report explained fully. You should always ask questions if there is any doubt to the information given to you.

So why is this information important? It is always easier to plan for vehicle repairs and maintenance, than to be put in a situation where you have to do them immediately. It starts with your preventive maintenance. Mileage service intervals are critical to your vehicle’s performance and reliability. The better maintained your vehicle is, the less likely you will experience a break down. These items include all fluids, filters and system cleanings. The manufacturer will provide the minimum service requirements, but we suggest more frequent intervals on most services due to our extreme heat and dusty conditions. Maintenance of spark plugs and timing belts very greatly from vehicle to vehicle but will be listed in your owner’s manual. Tires and brakes need to be checked on a regular basis and changed when they reach minimum specifications.

Your report will also include items such as leaks, suspension issues, and drive systems. Most failures in these areas do not occur immediately but develop over time. With routine checks you can be prepared for the time when they will need to be repaired. This will help you to schedule and budget for the required work. Being proactive when it comes to your vehicle service will always save you time and money in the long run. So next time you receive your vehicle report, use it to your advantage. Your service provider will help you plan for upcoming maintenance and prioritize needed repairs.

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