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Today’s vehicles sometimes give us a false sense of security when it comes to maintenance. Manufacturers and oil companies consistently advertise longer periods between services. The problem is that over time this allows sludge and carbon to build up inside your engine. Expensive engine repairs are often the result.

Sludge forms through heat and friction inside the engine assembly. This can interfere with how oil flows through the engine. Eventually oil flow will subside enough and cause engine failure. Changing your oil every 3000 miles will avoid a dangerous sludge situation. We also highly recommend using an oil system cleaner once a year to further reduce any build ups that may occur. Conventional oil is all that is required in your vehicle unless the manufacturer mandates a full synthetic. We also recommend using high mileage oil once your vehicle surpasses 60,000 miles. High mileage oil will help keep seals lubricated and expanded in your engine to help prevent oil leaks.

Carbon is a natural byproduct of gasoline detonation. As the fuel burns inside your engine it will leave carbon residue in the throttle body, air intake, valve train and inside the cylinders. Over time this build up can cause valve issues and in extreme cases piston rings can seize. Engine performance and emissions is also affected by these deposits. Using fuels containing detergents will reduce these deposits but not eliminate them. We recommend having your fuel system cleaned every 30,000 miles if you are using a top tier fuel and every 15,000 miles is you regularly use lower quality fuels. Quality is based on how clean the fuel burns and not the octane rating of the fuel.. Using a higher Octane fuel is not necessary unless dictated by the manufacturer.

H&I Automotive can provide you with all your preventive maintenance needs as well as perform repairs on your vehicle when necessary. We employ 2 ASE Certified Master Technicians and carry all the proper fluids and filters to keep your vehicle in top running condition. Please call us at 480/985-9279 or visit our website at www.handiautomotive.com for more car care tips. H&I Automotive is located at 5338 E Main Street Suite #4 Mesa, AZ 85205. Please see our ad in this issue of Up Close magazine.

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