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Fuel system cleaning in mesa az 85205

Most of us know that their vehicle’s fuel systems greatly effect fuel mileage and engine performance. Keeping today’s fuel systems clean is also imperative to your vehicle’s longevity.

Dirty fuel injectors effect fuel economy by not allowing the fuel injectors to spray properly. Over time a fuel injector will squirt a stream of fuel instead of a nice spray, just like a mister head that gets clogged with calcium. This will reduce economy as well as performance because the engine can’t burn the extra fuel.
Carbon is a by-product of the fuel detonation inside of your engine. This carbon residue can accumulate everywhere inside the engine. Cleaning your fuel system regularly will not only increase performance and economy, but will also help your engine last longer.

Carbon built up in the throttle body assembly can cause hesitation and stalling issues. The carbon prevents the throttle body blade from moving properly. Carbon in the valve train will deter valves from seating completely which results in poor performance.

Carbon will also build up on pistons and rings. If this situation goes uncorrected, the rings can actually seize on to the piston and cause a cylinder to misfire.

Lastly the emission systems of the vehicle can be clogged by carbon residue and turn on the check engine light that will result in the vehicle not being able to pass the state inspection process.
All fuel types will leave carbon deposits behind. Top tier fuels will leave substantially less than the lower quality brands. If top tier fuels are used on a regularly basis, a fuel system cleaning should be performed every 30,000 miles. We recommend fuel system cleaning every 15,000 miles when lower quality fuels are used. Quality is based on the detergent factors each fuel brand adds to their gasoline, not the octane content of the fuel. Using a higher octane fuel will not prevent carbon build up. It is only necessary to using higher octane fuel when the manufacturer mandates it.

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