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Keeping your new car new

We all love NEW, especially when it comes to our cars. However to replace a car every few years, just so we can always experience that new car feeling, is expensive. Now if you could always have that new car feeling and spend half of much to get it, wouldn’t that be great? Well, the truth is, you can. When you buy a new car, start from day one with taking good care of it and you will never lose that new car feeling and it will cost you far less to do so. This means take care of the vehicle mechanically as well as cosmetically. It is very important to maintain your new car’s appearance with regular washes and waxes. It is more important to take care of your vehicle mechanically.

Routine maintenance is the key to vehicle longevity and keeping that new car feeling. Maintaining your vehicle’s vital fluids and performing regular service on your vehicle will decrease the likelihood of a costly break down and keep your car in peak running condition. It is recommended to change fluids before the manufacturer suggests. The manufacturer may want you to believe they sell a low maintenance product, but the truth is, they just want to sell you another vehicle when this one shows it’s age due to lack of maintenance.

Over time mechanical components will wear out. Once replaced the vehicle performance and handling will return. This is especially true with suspension components. Struts and shocks wear slowly over a long period of time and the driver just gets used to how the vehicle handles. When the struts and shocks are replaced, drivers often state that the car drives like new again. The same goes for all the rubber components, our dryness and heat deteriorate the rubber over time and cause your vehicle to sound like an old farm truck going down the road. Replacing worn and dry rotted components will alleviate these unwanted noises and return that like new feeling at a fraction of the cost of replacing your vehicle.

So treat your vehicle like the asset that it is. Keep it clean with regular washes and have the exterior waxed at least once a year.  You will keep that new car feeling for as long as you own your car!

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