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Lowering car care costs in Mesa Az

Everyone one would like lower cost of ownership of their vehicles. However, most vehicle owners, do not perform the proper steps to achieve it.

The most important aspect to achieve lower overall vehicle repair expenses is to perform preventive maintenance. The manufacturer will provide a guide to follow for your particular vehicle. However keep in mind the manufacturer is only listing the minimum services required to get your vehicle to just over 100,000 miles. In their eyes after 100,000 miles you will be coming back to purchase another vehicle. If this is your plan, then go ahead and follow it, but if you keep your vehicles longer, you will need a more aggressive schedule to ensure reliability and longevity. Your service provider will help you keep your maintenance up to date and budget friendly. The most overlooked item is timing belt replacement. Too many cars arrive at shops with valve train damage due to a bad timing belt. If the belt fails it can double or even sometimes triple the repair cost.

The next important thing is to be proactive with repairs. When you find out about a needed repair, have it taken care of so it doesn’t turn into a larger repair or cause a situation where the vehicle leaves you stranded. Ignoring an oil leak can lead to engine mount and suspension bushing failures. Not fixing a coolant leak may lead to an overheated engine and engine damage.

It is important to use a shop you trust, so when repair or maintenance items are suggested you can feel comfortable when making a decision. H&I Automotive located at 5338 E Main St Mesa Az 85205 has been servicing the east valley since 2009. We will help keep you vehicle visits proactive and not reactive. This will not only keep costs down but will also lower your visit frequency saving you time and effort.
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