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Motor mounts in Mesa, AZ 85205


What is a motor mount? A motor mount is a metal housing with a hard rubber, or in some cases, a hydraulic filled center cavity. Motor mounts dampen the vibration caused by a running engine and hold the engine assembly in place. Over time motor mounts become weak and you will start to feel the engine vibrate at idle. This symptom is often confused with a poorly operating engine. If the mounts are ignored for too long the rubber will separate from the housing. This is considered a broken motor mount. You may feel a clunk when shifting into gear at this point. H&I Automotive located at 5338 E Main Street in Mesa AZ 85205, will inspect your motor mounts during every service visit. It is important to use OEM or quality aftermarket parts when replacing motor mounts. Cheaper mounts may not fit properly and may cause unwanted vibrations after installation.

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