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Noisy brakes in mesa az 85205

Noisy brakes could be an indication of your braking system needing service. Always have your braking system inspected in order to obtain an accurate assessment. When replacing brake pads and shoes, make sure a quality product is used. Inexpensive pads and shoes can cause unwanted brake noise when installed. It is also very important to have the rotors and drums resurfaced when replacing pads and shoes. If the rotors and drums are not resurfaced , it can cause uneven wear and vibrations when braking.

A quality shop will also clean and lubricate your caliper hardware. This will also prevent uneven brake wear. With that being said, brake pads are not going to wear completely even in any case. The inner pads, which are closer to the caliper piston, tend to wear faster. This is a normal condition but some shops will present it to their customers as a problem requiring expensive repairs. Same goes for brake rotors. If a shop states your rotors need to replaced, always ask for the reason. 90% of brake services, rotors are re-useable.

H&I Automotive located at 5338 E Main St in Mesa, AZ 85205, has trained technicians who will give your bakes a complete inspection and only recommend needed repairs. Our full service facility can help you with all your automotive service needs.

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