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During an automotive repair, one often over looked step, is torqueing nuts and bolts properly. Believe it or not almost every nut and bolt on your vehicle has a torque specification set by the manufacturer. Under tightening a bolt could lead to its loosening up during normal operation. Over tightening a bolt can also lead to it loosening. This happens because if you over tighten the bolt the threads can be damaged by the pressure and lead to them pulling away from their casing.

A torque wrench allows you to tighten fasteners to a pre-determined setting on the wrench. It ensures every bolt is tightened to the correct pressure. Every technician has a torque wrench in their tool box, but they don’t always use it. Fastener torqueing is a very important step in performing automotive repairs. This includes all areas of the vehicle such as wheels, engine and suspension components.

H&I Automotive located at 5338 E Main Street Mesa AZ 85205 is a full service automotive repair facility that knows the importance of using a torque wrench during your vehicle’s repair. It is part of every quality repair service they perform. Please feel free to contact as by dialing 480/985-9279.

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