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Remanufactured engine and transmissions in mesa az 85205

Why spend more money to replace an engine or transmission with a remanufactured unit instead of a recycled one? Although the reman might cost more up front, it will be the better value in the long run. A recycled engine will need some work before it is even installed, such as a timing belt, chain, water pump or new seals. The recycled engine may not run properly or not at all. A remanufactured engine will be delivered ready to go into the vehicle. A recycled transmission is an even bigger gamble. Will it shift properly, slip or leak. There are no worries with a remanufactured part.

You will also get a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty with a reman unit. Recycled ones usually come with a 90 day warranty on the unit, but it is your responsibility to have it installed a second time if needed. The upkeep and longevity is also in your favor when using a reman component.
H&I Automotive is proud to offer Jasper Remanufactured Engines and Transmissions. Located at 5338 E Main St in Mesa, AZ 85205 we are equipped to handle all of your service needs no matter how large or how small.

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