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What is a quality auto repair?

Everyone has called several shops getting quotes for a specific auto repair.  Then they take their car to the shop that gave them the lowest price.  After the repair is done somethiing goes wrong.  Low price repairs are not always the great bargain they seem.  A quality job at a good price is the real value.  Too many auto shops will give you a great phone quote to get you in the door and then call you with a higher quote due too unforseen circumstancces.   An experienced and quality shop will quote you a complete estimate for your repair.  Although this quote may be  substantially higher, the repair will still be the better value. The quality of parts used during a repair can greatly effect the cost.  Some lower end aftermarket parrts may  be tempting but in the long run will end up costing you more in repeat repairs and inconvenience.  The next item to consider is the process used to perform the repair.  When replacing a part there are always extra steps that can be taken to ensure a lasting repair.  For gaskets, all mating surfaces need to be cleaned and free of pitting.  O rings need to be lubricated before installation.  Even a common brake pad replacement has additional steps to ensure longevity and a problem free outcome. So next time you are getting a price for auto repair, ask some questions:  What kind of parts are you using?  What is their experience level wth his type of repair? Wha steps do they take to make sure the job is done correctly?   A good shop will provide you with the answers in order to make a good decison.  Remember a quality repair, not an inexpensive one, is always the best bargain