Community Updates – Toys for Tots Toy Drive

Make the Holidays Brighter for Every Child: Donate to Toys for Tots!

This holiday season, let’s come together to spread joy and create unforgettable moments for children in need. Join us in supporting the Toys for Tots program, a heartwarming initiative led by the United States Marine Corps Reserve. By donating, you can be a part of something truly special — making the magic of the holidays accessible to every child.

The Power of Your Donation

Your donation to Toys for Tots goes beyond the tangible gifts. It’s a message of hope, love, and community. Together, we can make the holidays a time of wonder and happiness for every child. Your support ensures that children facing economic hardship or other challenges can experience the joy that comes with receiving a special gift during this festive season.

Where Your Donations Go

Rest assured, your contribution directly supports local communities. Toys for Tots works with local organizations, schools, and social services to identify and reach the children who need it most. Your donation helps purchase, collect, and distribute toys in your area, ensuring that every child can have a memorable holiday.

It’s the Season of Giving!

Thanks to all the support from our vendors and customers, H&I was able to donate 640lbs of Turkeys and a cash donation of $120.00 to St Vincent de Paul on Turkey Tuesday!