How to prevent rear end collisions

How to prevent rear end collisions



The 2 main ingredients to avoiding rear end collisions is driver awareness and vehicle condition.  If both car and driver are working effectively most rear end collisions would not occur.  The most contributing factors that hinder a driver’s performance are distractions, like cell phones and other vehicle occupants.  A driver’s driving habits will also diminish your ability to stop safely, such as excessive speed and following too closely.      Read More

How Does an Engine Work?

Engines 101

Everyday we get in our cars, turn the key and drive off to get our day going.  Have you ever stopped too think of what actually makes this possible?  We are going to start with how your engine works.  Because a vast majority of vehicles use a 4 stroke combustion engine, that will be our focus.  Although there are other types such as diesel, hybrid and full electric that continue to grow in popularity.

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